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AC Repair in Huntsville, Alabama

We’re At Your Rescue

One of the most miserable experiences you can have is being inside a building on a hot summer day with a broken-down air conditioner, but fortunately, with Alabama Climate Control, we’ll help you out in a hurry. With our 24/7 emergency services, we’ll send our technicians out to get your home cool again.

Servicing Most Brands of Equipment

We service brands like Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Mitsubishi, York and many others. Our vehicles are stocked with common parts so we can get you up and running quickly. Our knowledgeable technicians are familiar with most systems and are NATE and TRANE® certified.

Our Reputation

When your unit needs repair, our team will ensure you understand the root cause of the problem. We patiently answer all of your questions. Our NATE and TRANE® Certified technicians have led us to enjoy our outstanding reputation in Huntsville and Madison County for over 40 years.

Fixing Your Common Problems

Condensation Removal

Your AC unit has a cooling coil that converts warm humid air into cool air and water. The water is collected in a drain pan and diverted outside. However, this can malfunction and cause problems. Alabama Climate Control makes sure this doesn’t become a problem.

Clogged Condenser Coil

The hot air is removed from the house with the outdoor section of the air conditioner. Dust, pollen, grass clippings and plants with leaves can diminish the efficiency and capacity of this process. If it reaches a point where it stops completely, it will shorten the life of the AC unit.

Refrigerant Charge

The refrigerant charge of the AC unit can be a problem if it gets out of balance. This can cause icing to happen, which indicates there is a leak. Alabama Climate Control will check and fix the cause of the issue, which may come from a failed fan motor, a damaged pipe or a dirty air filter.


We will not only fix your breakers but teach you how to properly use them. With your breakers working, you will experience better air quality and improve your work efficiency. We come and examine all your parts, especially the functionality of your breakers.

Air Vents

If your air vents are damaged, we will repair them so air flows properly throughout your living space. Say goodbye to sweat stains and bad sleep. We’ll make sure your air vents work properly with your air conditioner so you can experience the cool temperature you’ve always wanted.

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Whether it’s hard to sleep or work because of the temperature, we will repair your air conditioner to your liking and preferences. Call us today so you can enjoy the comfort that a working air conditioner provides.

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